High quality, varied design is a key element of how we will create Plasdŵr as a place with identifiable character. Different areas will have different features and characters – some more formal, some more relaxed; some more striking, others understated; some bustling while others will be more peaceful.

We have identified the following character objectives:

  • Strong design and character with bespoke layout and architecture
  • Differing densities from village edge to denser urban core
  • Desired building and open space arrangements to dictate the development layout
  • Creation of different character areas and neighbourhoods
  • Use of precedents and existing context to create change in the urban grain of places, the use of built form spatial enclosure and the relationship between built and unbuilt spaces
  • To create buildings and spaces that draw upon the positive built characteristics of the area

So Plasdŵr’s different areas will variously feature:

public squares and woodlands; both formal and informal street systems; iconic buildings; strong, treelined avenues and also irregular streets of varied widths; restored listed buildings plus contemporary homes; strong colours, muted tones and a natural palette; traditionally styled family homes with front gardens and contemporary apartments; and a wide range of landscapes.

For more detail on Plasdŵr’s design plans, please see Section 4 of our Design and Access Statement in the Planning section